Shannon Dixon

Tile image

Current name: Shannon Belmonte

Age when this tile was made: I was 8-9 years old

Where did you live when you made this tile?

I lived on Electric Ave

Where else have you lived in Somerville?

I lived on Otis St for about 9-10 yrs cant remeber the dates sorry.

Where do you live now?


Do you consider Somerville your hometown? No

What is your earliest Somerville memory?

Earliest memory probably is 5yrs old...when you could be outside with your friends and everyone in the neighbor would watch you so you could be out late.

How would you describe Somerville in the 1980s?

I think it was great....your neighbors werent just neighbors they were part of your family. Everyone knew everyone. Much different from now. Were nobody wants to know anybody.

How would you describe Somerville today?

I dont like it...its changed so much. Feels so different. Dont go back much. Just once to show my daughter the tile in the subway.

How has Somerville changed?

Not really sure...havent been there in years.

Somerville was great in the 80's. You just owned Somerville and was proud to say you were from it. The friends you had, the teachers, the schools and the families were everything. You just felt like it was home. But now I feel that Everett is my home and for my kids. It feels like when I was in Somerville. But at that time when I was growing up I wouldnt change it for the world. It helped make me the person I am today.