Kim McCullough

Tile image

Age when this tile was made: 11

Where did you live when you made this tile?


Where else have you lived in Somerville?

Brastow Ave.

Where do you live now?

North Reading

Do you consider Somerville your hometown? Yes

What is your earliest Somerville memory?

I was 3 1/2 when we moved in and immediately, a little girl from two doors down came to the door and wanted to know if I wanted to play. We've been friends ever since.

How would you describe Somerville in the 1980s?


How would you describe Somerville today?

Very different than when I was growing up. The trees planted on our street are now huge, the high school is done (it was under construction most of the time I attended), the movie theatre at Assembly Square is closed, Good Times in gone, Assembly Square Mall is now an outdoor strip mall, the T goes to Davis Sq., there's a wonderful bike path going through Somerville, and an SHS graduate is now mayor!

How has Somerville changed?

Tremendously...for the better.