Katya Vogis

Tile image

Age when this tile was made: I was 7 years old and I specifically remember taking a field trip to the fire house and we each got to draw a picture and they told us there were going to make them into tiles.

Where did you live when you made this tile?

I lived in the Teele Square area on Lovell Street.

Where else have you lived in Somerville?

I spent most of my childhood on Lovell Street, right near Powderhouse Community School.

Where do you live now?

I am back in the "Ville". That's what I love to call Somerville. I live in the Winter Hill Area.

Do you consider Somerville your hometown? Yes

What is your earliest Somerville memory?

I have so many special memories of Somerville, but my earliest memory was meeting my best friend Teresa. I remember walking around the block with my doll carrriage and there she was, my new neighbor. We were inseperable after that. I could see Teresa's house from my backyard and I could always hear her brother Michael playing the drums on their front porch.

How would you describe Somerville in the 1980s?

Somerville was awesome in the early 1980s. Parents never had to worry about their kids playing outside, no matter what time of day or night. We always hung out around our block playing ralivio or yorka (stick ball). Half days were spent at Somerville House of Pizza or at McDonald's in Davis Square. You could walk anywhere, including the Meadow Glen Mall and the Somerville Movie Theater (I think I saw Greece at least 10 times there).

How would you describe Somerville today?

Somerville has definitely turned out to be a popular place to live. There is a diverse culture of people. There are so many great restaurants and bars to hang out at, especially in Davis Square. You can even enjoy a glass of wine and/or beer with your popcorn at the Somerville Movie Theater.

How has Somerville changed?

Crime in Somerville has definitely increased since I was a child. Kids don't play outside like they used to when I was little, however, they have fixed up a lot of the areas (especially Davis Square). You hear more and more about people hanging out in Somerville because it has become such a popular place.

Somerville is a little city right outside of the big city. You can stay local or hop on Broadway and be in Boston in less than 10 minutes